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Concrete is extremely porous, and, as such, often absorbs whatever is exposed to it. Everyone has seen a driveway stained with oil, a sidewalk covered in mold or an entryway soiled with dirt or grease. Our sealers are designed to prevent this by providing a mold-resistant, moisture-repelling barrier. With this coating, most spills can be simply wiped up or rinsed off. These products are made specifically for concrete and are much more effective and durable than similar products found at home improvement centers. Available in clear and a wide array of colors, they provide an attractive way to protect and beautify a feature that often becomes an eyesore for businesses and homeowners. Solvent based, silicone acrylics are our most reasonably priced sealers and are resistant to acids, UV rays, oil and gas. Epoxy provides even greater protection and is still very economical. The addition of a top coat of cross linking polyurethane to epoxy results in one of the toughest, most durable thin film sealers currently available.