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Pervious concrete is an effective way to address environmental issues and support sustainable growth. By capturing storm water and allowing it to seep into the ground, pervious concrete recharges groundwater, reduces storm water runoff and helps meet government regulations. In fact, the use of pervious concrete is among the Best Management Practices recommended by the EPA. This technology creates more efficient land use by eliminating the need for retention ponds, swales, and other storm water detention structures which can result in lower overall project costs. To make pervious concrete, carefully controlled amounts of water and cementitious materials are mixed to create a paste that forms a thick coating around aggregate particles. This mixture contains little or no sand which creates a substantial void content, typically 15% to 25%. These voids drain quickly and allow water to pass through at rates as high as 4" per hour. The water is then captured below the surface, where naturally occurring microbes break down pollutants and dramatically improve water quality.