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Industrial epoxies and urethanes are designed to provide durable, easily maintained surfaces for a wide range of commercial applications. The many formulations of these products can be adapted to protect against most substances and conditions present in industrial, manufacturing, assembly or maintenance operations. Our crews also install MMA, a unique type of coating that cures rapidly, even in cold conditions. These products are well suited for application in restaurants, cold storage, food and drug manufacturing plants and any other type of facility that requires a quick turn-around and an extremely durable finish. Commercial coatings require a high level of skill to apply and our crews have the years of experience necessary to install them properly. For residential applications, epoxy is an extremely durable seamless coating that is applied in layers to create beautiful low maintenance floors in garages, work areas and utility rooms. A variety of solid colors are available and are perfectly suited to many applications. The addition of 1/8"- 1/4" vinyl chips gives these floors a look very much like terrazzo and is preferred in custom homes.